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The company Simplex

Simplex Armaturen & Systeme GmbH is a medium-sized company with connections all over the world; as part of the internationally-operational Aalberts Industries N. V. Group, we develop, manufacture and market intelligent solutions at our locations in Eisenharz (Allgäu) and Schwallungen (Thuringia) and systems for the exacting requirements of our customers in the heating and sanitation sectors – ‘Made in Germany’ and far beyond the borders of the German market. Thanks to keeping a close eye on the market, the very latest manufacturing technology and a well-thought-out range of materials, we are continually setting new standards in products and performance. These are reflected in the longevity and the simplicity of use of our products. Our three-stage distribution system offers you, as our partners, innovative solutions to your problems and complete systems which are always a step ahead of the enhanced requirements of the markets of the future.


1957 Johann Wilfer established the Wilfer KG Company in Isny. The company has its roots in the traditional company of Schmölz + Wilfer in Oberstaufen/Grünenbach, active in the sanitation and heating sectors. Wilfer KG carries out skilled pre-finishing of heating and sanitation components. The aim is to save time in installation.

1965 The start of industrial production; the injection moulding, toolmakers' shop and mould construction departments are established.

1974 The industrial breakthrough is made with the introduction of innovative self-sealing threaded connections and the fittings product group. The company expands and, by 1977, has to relocate its production facilities to Eisenharz. Parallel to this, a professional distribution and sales network is set up.

1991 The company acquires a former clock-making factory in Wasungen (Thuringia). The factory is converted to a production facility for radiator fittings. Simultaneously, a new administration and production facility is built in Schwallungen (Thuringia).

1993 The start of rubber and plastic component production in Schwallungen as well as the assembly of valves and fittings. Conversion of production in Wasungen to extrusion of baseboards.

1998 The company, which meanwhile operates under the name of Simplex, is merged into the internationally-operating Aalberts Industries N. V. group of companies, with headquarters in Langbroek, the Netherlands. The aim is the promotion of foreign business.

2007 Simplex celebrates its 50th birthday. Throughout Germany and in many parts of Europe, the Simplex brand stands for high-quality products and system solutions as well as offering an extensive range covering heating and sanitary installations.

2011 Opening of the logistics centre in Meiningen, Thuringia


Strong partnership for the benefit of customers

Since 1998, Simplex has been a member of the internationally-operating Aalberts Industries N. V. Group which, in 2016, has about 15.000 employees worldwide and an annual turnover of more than €1.75 bn.

The group is subdivided into four sections: ‘Industrial Services’, ’Industrial Controls’, ‘Climate Control’ and ’Building Installations’. Together with other subsidiaries, Simplex Armaturen & Systeme GmbH is active under the aegis of ‘Climate Control’.

All companies in the Aalberts Industries Group can be found under: www.aalberts.nl: www.aalberts.nl.


Quantities in millions – in consistently high quality

The toolmaking and injection moulding engineering sectors at Simplex stand for continuous high quality. The machinery used has the most highly-polished technical equipment; with only a single tool, production can run into millions without wasting time on tool-changing – and without quality deviations! The very latest measuring instruments support regular quality testing procedures and guarantee maintenance of quality certification.

The extremely short preparation times using quick-clamping devices and the use of the newest information technologies (CAD/DAM-networking) ensure the greatest possible flexibility in manufacture. This also means reaction without delay is possible even to minor alterations in the production and an optimum course of manufacture can be guaranteed. Quality plus economy – with Simplex a matter of course!

Simplex machine tools

In the machine tool workshop, the most modern CNC machinery is available for top quality, complex injection moulding tools for working all common types of technical plastics for our customers:

6 milling machines

3 lathes

2 cavity-sinking erosion EDM machines

1 wire-cutting machine

2 grinding machines

1 spotting press

CAD/CAM Cimatron workstations

Simplex injection moulding engineering centre of excellence

Some 30 million items are produced every year on 9 injection moulding machines (locking pressure: 500 KN to 1500 KN;
volume: 1 to 210 gr./PS).

All machines are fitted with core-pull control and the most modern monitoring technology. Daily quality recording, parameter optimisation and continuous manufacturing checks assure the quality of Simplex products.